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Head Harness For Neck Exercises

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Head Harness For Neck Exercises .

Neck Harness or Head Harness from Slley Shop says 'NO' to the cheap and low-quality fitness products. Our neck exercise machine is fortified with deluxe 'thick padded' foam. This in turn is re-inforced with high-density neoprene to absorb shock and prevent cuts, chafing and abrasion during long workout sessions.

Head harness is fortified with an adjustable hook and loop closure. Now get ready to train your tactical muscles to get better result in your chosen combat sport! Neck weight harness is meant for weightlifters/combat sport enthusiasts that need additional physical training.

Adjustable Exercise Fitness Body Building Head Dumbbell is ideal for strengthening your neck & other tactical muscles.

Neck Harness Head Harness


  • It permits you to lift weights added to the strap provided. Weight plates can easily be adjusted as per your comfort.
  • These head dumbbells are fortified with high-density Neoprene to absorb shocks.
  • The straps are padded with deluxe foam. The padding is thick with high quality foam.
  • Owing to the high quality material used, chances of cuts, abrasions and chaffing is minimized.
  • This product has a loop closure and adjustable hooks. 
  •  You can exercise all your tactical muscles using this product.
  • It is an ideal product for sportsperson engaged in combat sporting activities.
  • Perfect for wrestling, boxing, MMA, weightlifting, power lifting, bodybuilding etc.



Neck weight harness is perhaps the most effective way to develop your shoulder and neck muscles. This is because unlike other neck exercises, a head harness allows you to indulge in repetitions.

After strapping the neck harness to your head and attaching the required weights, you can perform repetitions. The front and back portion of your neck is worked on the most via this exercise form.

Neck harness exercise usually requires you to perform 10 to 12 repetitions. So, keep the weight light and ensure that you complete each repetition in a smooth manner. Avoid jerks and maintain perfect posture to avoid injuries and increase your neck muscle strength.


    Packages Included:

    1 Pcs head belt with steel chain


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