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Original Memory Foam Insoles

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Original Memory Foam Insoles.

Shoe Insoles such as Memory Foam Insoles are best suited for people who would like to have added comfort while they travel with their shoes on. In simpler words, memory foam insoles allow your feet to sink into a foamy layer that automatically takes the natural shape of your feet.

Such is the magic of memory sole insoles that once you get used to wearing them with your shoe, you would not want to be without them for even a minute. This is owing to the extra comfort that these shoe insoles provide to you. This kid of comfort cannot be achieved with normal soles that are already present in your boots/shoes.

 A lot of research and development has been put into place for developing the perfect shoe insert. Hence, these shoe insoles are reliable, super comfortable, breathable and pocket friendly in nature.

Memory Foam Insoles

Highlights OF Memory Foam Insoles:

  •  These sporty insoles are made from memory foam of the highest quality.
  • Each piece is 100% brand new and is always inspected by the quality control team.
  • There are two available sizes. For Men, the available size is between US 8-11.
  • For women, the available size is in between US 5-9.: You can cut the memory foam insole as per your discretion. This allows you to fit the shoe insole to your boot/shoe easily.
  • The color of this insole is yellow and light blue.



  • These memory foam insoles are made from shock proof material. They allow you to absorb high impacts with utmost ease.: They absorb sweat very easily and avoid your feet from smelling awfully.  Basically, they keep your foot dry and deodorized
  • This breathable insole is super-comfortable in nature. It is thick yet soft, which in turn allows it to take the natural shape of your foot.
  • It is to be ideally placed under your sport shoe.
  • These insoles are made from high quality memory cotton that allows you to rebound and absorb shocks easily. The material is fortified with buffer cotton.
  •  You can indulge in regular exercises wearing these insoles.
  •  After wearing these shoe inserts, you would not feel tired and your feet would never ache.
  •  You need not to buy expensive memory foam shoes after using these shoe insoles.
  •  Ventilation holes are provided at the heel and where the ball of your foot rests. So, these insoles circulate fresh air and expel foul air.

Memory Foam Insoles


  • First and foremost, you need to remove the current insole that is present within your shoe.
  • Replace this with your new memory foam insole that you purchased from us.
  •  If it does not fit, simply compare it with your current shoe insole. Then, trim the memory foam insole using a pair of scissors to match the current insole.
  •  While trimming the insole, make sure that you first begin at the toes and then move slowly towards the heels. This makes it easy to trim the entire sole.

    Package Included:

    1 Pair of Original Memory Foam Insoles.



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